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Project Description
DART is a comprehensive tool for analyzing system information and memory distribution of high volume network drives and folders. It gives graphical analysis of system memory along with usage history, snapshot & reporting making maintenance easy and efficient.

DART makes it easier for users to view and analyze the contents of a Drive, directory or folder like never before. You will no longer have to go inside each folder and scrutinize manually their contents to decide whether to archive, delete or reatin its contents. DART makes all that very easy and efficient.

It is written in C# and makes use of Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation. It's architecture is based on Model View View Model pattern.


The idea first came to me when I ran out of memory with my two external hard disk drives containing over 1500 GB of movies. I then had to analyze each folder to check how many files it contained and how much memory it consumed one by one. What I needed was a graphical representation of a folder with its children and an easy viewing of its details. The existing XP and Windows 7 do not provide these details. Thus DART was born.


  • Animated Graph

  • Custom Tooltip

  • Detailed ananlysis

  • Folder Breakdown


If you want to participate, please write to me at or get in touch through forums here.

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